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Rapid Month gone by

Rapid Month gone by

It’s hard to believe I’m now in the UK 5 weeks, it’s been a whirl wind month with lots to do and see and that’s just the house hunting! Looking back at it now it’s hard to believe I got on a plane less than 24 hours after I got home from UDS and went looking at houses I must have been mad.  I was rather fortunate that a lovely dear friend and her family collected me from Heathrow as I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten from there down to Farnham.

The weekend I arrived it was Guy Fawkes night, aka build a bonfire and set it on fire! So being the token tourist we went to the Farnham session lead by candles up a hill and into the grounds of a castle, it was rather pretty and something different to experience.

I viewed a few places to live that week, some places were dives! worse than any student accommodation I’d ever seen and others were fine but you’d never even hear back from them, rather like job hunting all over again but for a place to live! I’ve eventually found a place to live sharing with 6 others from all over the place, but one of the house mates works in redhat who uses debian, what are the flipping chances eh!

So I moved to the UK to work for Sirius, and it’s been an excellent move and proved to be rather interesting, some of the things I’m working on now is organising the UK ODF Plugfest to happen in February, help organise an education conference happening in April to do with open source and education. Behind the scenes I’m working with some education groups and other types of groups in the UK talking to them about using open source. Everyone in the office has been so friendly and helpful which makes things a lot easier! Having a boss that is understanding when it comes to booking time off to go back to Ireland due to flight costs or snow issues is a bonus and something I’m not used to at all so it is appreciated.

Things I’ve had to get used to, STERLING! and not converting it to euro or go crazy at prices, trains, how they run and how to get home and to work via them when they don’t run or stop elsewhere! I am fascinated by the train folks, the people who read on the train standing up, answering emails, or applying make up, how they do this when the train is moving and randomly stops is beyond me.

I don’t know what the next 5 weeks or 5 months will hold for me in the UK, but it’s going to be interesting no matter what and I’m going to enjoy it and meet some new people and get to meet others I’ve been talking to via irc or ml , we plan on organising a Ubuntu UK rugby pub day! so do keep posted!

First Day in New Job

First Day in New Job

What a day! It’s been pretty sweet from the moment I walked in the door to finishing this evening I’ve had a great day! Not many places you can say that really. Last Friday I boarded a plane to move to the UK for a new adventure in working with a company I’ve been interested in joining for some time.

This morning I started working for Sirius here in the UK based in Weybridge.  I’ll be working in Marketing Open Source to people/organisations/groups  for the coming months and I’m really excited.

When asked what OS I wanted to use at work, it was rather simple for me to say Ubuntu, and folks to nod and chat and say what OS they used.  This is in stark contrast to any other place I’ve worked at before so made me smile and feel right at home there! Which always helps when starting a new job.  Played around with KDE before I wiped a machine and put a fresh install of Lucid on. Happy days!

The plan for the week is for me to review and go over past marketing strategies and come up with some ideas on things to do and attend or even better organise (which is one of my passions!)

I’ll keep folks updated on the progress and on any events I plan on attending here in the UK, looking forward to meeting more people over here now!

Really glad I made the move and joined Sirius, it’s going to be a fun few months ahead!

I’m moving to the UK

I’m moving to the UK

Back in April of this year I was made redundant from my job as a Software Test Engineer, it was a bit of a shock and it came out of the blue so was rather in shock.  I tweeted that day I’d been made redundant and was looking for work and I was rather amazed at the responses I got. All good!  But one of interest was Mark Taylor of Sirius sending me a direct message asking would I be interested in working in the UK.  I didn’t need to think about it I knew I did and wanted something different.  I met with Mark and the team at Sirius the following week as I was heading over to Oggcamp anyway.

Fast forward to last week and  I get a mail out of the blue from Mark asking me would I like to work for Sirius.  He explained to me what the role would entail and I knew instinctively it would be great and suited me.  I will be working in marketing, meeting journalists, organising events and attending events all with the aim to promote open source.


When I come back from UDS I’ll be going across the water and moving to the UK and I’m really looking forward to it. Once I sort out a place to live and get settled in I’ll be mailing the UK list and seeing if anyone wants to meet up for an Ubuntu hour :) be warned now I’m in close proximity I’ll be able to go to more events but also help out more.