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Encouraging Membership

Encouraging Membership

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to work out how best to get people motivated to go for  membership.  There seems to be something lacking as to:

A) Why the should go for it ?

B) Do they deserve to become a member  ?

C) How to go about it?

So to address this A) Why not, why not show how involved you are in the community and have that pat on the back from your peers saying well done we like the work you do in, Advocacy, Translations, Documentation, Bug Fixing, Packaging etc.

B)  You do deserve it, you’re taking time out of your day or you’re fortunate to work on Ubuntu and help grow something we all love, use and enjoy.

C) Asking for help or looking online, asking a current member or one of the board members in your regional board.

What I’ve started to do is when I’m working with people in the community be it  in a locoteam or they are employed by Canonical, I’ve either poked them, or found their manager and go hiya, you know you do a great job, you’re on IRC helping people, you take time to work through a bug with me, or you’re there to help people. Others who work in Canonical, I’ve looked at their interaction with me, the community and teams, so they either work on UDS, shippit  or help me with locoteam questions and answers.

What I’d love to see is each month more people going for membership, if there are people in your team that you see are making an effort to work outside of their day to day stuff, help someone else go that extra mile or you know, just be nice and helpful and spread the word of Ubuntu, get them to create a least a wiki page where you can leave a testimonial for them.

Testimonials speak for you when you’re not at a meeting, but they also show people how these members help Ubuntu in their own way.

When they’re ready get them to apply to their regional board, do encourage them, come along and cheer them on when the meeting takes place!

I know all too well there are many people on irc each day who help me and deserve to become an Ubuntu member if I have to poke you all one by one I’ll do that. Blogging is easier :)

Congratulations to 2 New Irish Ubuntu Members

Congratulations to 2 New Irish Ubuntu Members

I’m feeing rather proud of my LoCo this evening.  We’re a small LoCo but rather tight knit.  I emailed out recently that Rory and Declan were going for their Ubuntu Membership, and I was asked on IRC how someone could show their support.  I simply put it, come along and cheer them on, or leave a comment on their wiki page.

There seems to be a little confusion here, as the impression was that only Ubuntu Members could leave testimonials. Well pish posh to that! If you’ve worked with someone or gotten help from them, found them to go that extra mile to help you, why not leave a comment on their wiki so they can see you appreciated the help and  show others how great this person is.

Remember if you have members going for their membership, be ready with your pompoms and cheer them on! Get behind them and support them!

Tonight Rory McCann and Declan McGrath went through their membership meeting and I’m very pleased to say they are now Ubuntu Members and brought the Irish Ubuntu Members number up to 5 ! Well done lads!

Aloha fellow Ubunteros

Aloha fellow Ubunteros

Aloha there, So firstly I’m Laura Czajkowski, and  I received my Ubuntu Membership this week and only finally getting around to writing a post about it and introducing myself here on the planet. I’m involved in the Irish LoCo based in Dublin Ireland.  Originally from Limerick, (don’t let the surname confuse you I am Irish) but moved to Dublin for a job as a Software Tester for an Irish Software house 18 months ago.

I recently attended UDS, and never been there before I was pretty amazed with the cool people I met and the great discussions that took place, also means my inbox is now a bit full with people tagging the photos of UDS that have I have on facebook but are also located here.

I stuck with the Community track at UDS as that’s what I like to focus in on and basically that’s what you’ll see here as well as a few other rants. The blog itself about events I run here for the Irish LoCo or  events I run myself, and some outings that I go on with my mates that are non geek related. I can be found on IRC at most stages in -ie, -women and -locoteams as czajkowski.

Just said I’d drop a line and say hi :-)