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Ubuntu Accomplishments – Install and have some fun

Ubuntu Accomplishments – Install and have some fun

Back at UDS-P  I was in a session with Jono Bacon discussing the merits of an accomplishment system and the benefits of it.  I admit I was a little sceptical of it but thought when it’s live and I can play with it I can comment more. I’ve been following Jonos posts on the trail of his development of the tool and it’s been interesting to see the reactions in the Ubuntu community it’s very much a resounding +1 outside in the land of  Twitter and G+ it’s a bit of a sceptical +1/0/-1 to be honest given who you are talking to.  Which lets be honest is going to be the case for every single thing no matter what it is!

At the beginning I was a little dubious over the idea of a trophy mechanism for people given rewards do tend to go to peoples head.  If you look at it not everyone will ever get all of them and only some people will be able to achieve developer trophies and others will be more community based so it’s not like a competition where everyone will get all of the trophies unlocked which is one way to find out more about  persons interests in area and strike up a conversation, perhaps even ask to be mentored in an area if you can see they’re focused in one area you are keen to get involved.

It’s pretty simple to install and you can follow the instructions and hey presto it’s installed.

Accomplishments to unlockWhen you first install it it displays all of the trophies that are currently available to you that are locked and you can achieve.

One you add in you sign in via your launchpad account it will start to refresh and pull down any trophies you have already unlocked, many area easy to achieve from logging into launchpad, signing the code of conduct, filing a bug getting a bug confirmed all are a way to encourage you to take part in the community. You can see below then my unlocked trophies.

My unlocked trophies


It’s still in testing stage so if you want to get more involved join the mailing list, install the tool, and report bugs where you can and if you can develop and create trophies please do! It’s a lot more fun than I thought it was and it’s a good way to help others see the rewards for helping Ubuntu grown which will help others.