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Open Source Hardware and Software Seminars/Workshops

Open Source Hardware and Software Seminars/Workshops

The hackerspace in Dublin TOG are running a series of seminars and workshops showcasing Open Source as part of Engineers Week.  On Monday 8th of February they have a seminar showing how to create a  circuit board using open source tools. The cost of commercial software is usually the big barrier to entry in designing your own circuit boards.Did I say this was free? All the seminars they are running for this week are free but you need to prebook your place.

On the Wednesday 10 of February, they are also showing open source hardware with the Arduino Platform. The  Arduino is
a microcontroller that has become very popular with artists and electronics tinkerers alike. The seminar is an introduction to Arduino and a great chance for people to make a start with Arduino. Again this event is free.

On the weekend, Sunday 14th of February, they are having a hands on Arduino workshop. Where people will be doing all sorts of things with Arduino’s. In the afternoon you can get you chance to build your very own Arduino. There is a materials fee for the workshop.

These events are being organised by the folks over at TOG.  All of the information is here.  As they pointed out you do need to register for a place at these workshops.

Hackerspace comes to Dublin – TOG

Hackerspace comes to Dublin – TOG

So firstly what is a hackerspace? Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.

Now Dublin has one thanks to a lot of very dedicated folks. They’ve been at this now for months with regular  meet ups and planning.  They needed to get a certain level of commitment from folks as they needed to find a home for themselves to operate out of and they did.

They have an open public meeting every two weeks on a Thursday the next one is this Thursday the 4th of june. Venue to be confirmed, but most likely their new office space on the Quays above Voodo.

To become a member you must get two full members to sign your membership form and then you become a probationary member you can use the space as along as there is a full member there. In order to get two full member to sign your form come to the meeting get to know us , come on the irc
The space is open 24/7 to full members .

It’s a great resource and folks should pop on down to a meet up and get them to give you the grand tour!