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Software Freedom Day – Ubuntu-ie Dublin

Software Freedom Day – Ubuntu-ie Dublin

Last weekend was Ubuntu-ie first major event. We held Software Freedom Day here in Dublin at the Digital Exchange. At great turn out was had. A lot of familar faces showed up and also a lot of new people came who had read the article in the paper who came along full of enthuasim and an abundance of questions.

The theory behind the day was to inform people, not to make it too technical and all for people to come along ask questions and come away from the day with some food for thought.

We had vaying topics, from how people us OS in their work place, copyright and Open street mapping. There was demo’s and installs going on so people could come along and ask questions and if they had problems with their installs they could get some help if they needed.

It was also an opportunity for Camara to get the word out on what they do. We brought people down to their offices so they could see the work they do, where they normally wouldn’t get a chance to do so.

John Looney

Dermot McNally

Glenn Strong

Paul O’Malley



Ciaran O’Riordan

I’d like to thank all those who came and helped out on the day. Elevate learning who were so much help. It was a great day, followed onto the Longstone for the evening. I’ve added some photos of the event here. It was a great day, would I do it again, possibly, would I do things differently……….Hell yes, follow up post to follow :p

Software Freedom Day – Dublin

Software Freedom Day – Dublin

Ubuntu Ireland are holding Software Freedom Day in Dublin this September 20th, from 11am – 4:30pm in the Digital Hub. Registeration is now open, and so we can keep track of numbers, if you just leave a comment we’d appeciate it. There is no cost to come along, just come along and enjoy the day. We would hope if you have kids to bring them along. There will be some talks going on during the day, Irish Freedom Software Organisation, Google, and Camara will be giving short talks during the day. Ubuntu installs, and demos will also be taking place.  Timetable will be going online this week at will be on the Ubuntu site.

My next project..

My next project..

My next project to keep me busy and out of trouble…. is the Software Freedom Day 2008 in Dublin which is being organised by the Ubuntu Ireland Team. Why you ask! Well it’s a good idea, and something I am interested in and can help with. So Maciej asked me at the last PotD (noticing a trend I agree to things at pubs!) to help with the event.

Today I’m up at the Ubuntu drop in, which has been set up for anyone to come along and ask questions or show off anything they’ve done using Ubuntu. We’ve been nicely given the office by Camara. So we’re looking into a warehouse at present and have lots of available space for the Software Freedom Day.

We’re hoping to have a few running distros of Ubuntu running and a few talks lined up for the day. It’s on Saturday 20th September, so you’ve enough notice to put it into the diary. We’re looking for suggestions for things to do for the day, and also some sponsorship. If you’re interested contact us here :)

If you are around any Saturday come along to the drop in we’re here from 11-4.

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