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SkyCon 2012 – 20th Birthday bash for Skynet

SkyCon 2012 – 20th Birthday bash for Skynet

I’ve spoken about Skynet in the past, it’s the computer society for UL where I studied, had fun, few drinks, attended events, ran event and met some fantastic friends for life.

2012 marks the 20th Birthday for our computer society, which is a remarkable occasion to celebrate Skycon.  What started off as a box in a bedroom at someones house to getting its own server room fully kitted out with rack mounted servers we’ve come a long way.

I came up with the idea of running the first Skycon back in 2006 and we celebrate it in 2007 when we were 15, that was a fanstic weekend where I got to meet many speakers and meet some people that would play key roles in my life years later, I got to meet my current boss back then, little did I know I’d end up working for Canonical years later!

So this year it will still be over two days and with two key note speakers Mark Shuttleworth and Randall Munroe (XKCD) , speakers from VM Ware, HP, IBM, Linaro and many many more will be there in Limerick.  Entrance to the event is €15 per day or €25 for both days. Registration is now open and more details are on the site.

It’s a chance to meet and hear from speakers that many people won’t have the chance to see here in Limerick so it’s worth going.  If anyone still wants to get involved in some way shape or form please let us know.


Libre Office Talk in the University of Limerick

Libre Office Talk in the University of Limerick
As I’ve mentioned before I’m a member of Skynet our college society and we like to run talks. We try to get speakers in with different topics to engage people with and also a chance for students to meet speaker they may not have the chance to meet.
This month we will be hosting a talk “LibreOffice, a fresh start” given by Caolán McNamara of the Document Foundation, starting at  6:30 Tuesday the 26th of October.  Why not come along and learn more about Libre Office and how well the fork of Open Office has been received by Oracle.  After the talk stay around for some refreshments and meet fellow members of Skynet.

Caolan  is one of the founding members of Skynet. He attended theUniversity of Limerick studying Computer Engineering and was one of the first skynet/ compsoc members. During his years, he wrote several apps, one of his most renowned being: mswordview/libwv a converter/import library for MSWord documents, as used by e.g Abiword.

In 2000, he joined Sun Hamburg to work on StarOffice just before OpenOffice.org was announced, working as a Microsoft Word import/export and related formats engineer. Caolan then transferred to Sun Dublin in 2001, and continued as a StarOffice/OpenOffice.org engineer.

He joined Red Hat Inc, in 2004 as Desktop Engineer in charge of OpenOffice.org and related technologies. He is a member of the Steering Committee for the Document Foundation and has over 10 years of experience developing for OpenOffice.org

You can find more Information on Libre Office on http://www.documentfoundation.org/

See you there Tuesday 26th October 6:30pm in the Students’ Union Room 3 everyone is welcome, so bring along a friend !  You don’t have to be a member of Skynet or a student in UL to attend.

Ubuntu Ireland and Skynet Talks

Ubuntu Ireland and Skynet Talks

Many many moons ago when I was in college and involved in Skynet, I set up the Skynet talks.  The idea behind them was Limerick was not Dublin. Dublin had all these big companies and developers up here and we should meet these people and hear what they are doing, also we should invite back past members of Skynet and see what they are up to.

This year I’m being invited back. I’m going to do the same titled talk I gave to the MSc students in DIT- To Ubuntu and Beyond where Individual participation can take you, but with different content, so I need to work on that this week. Also Mat Zimmerman has been asked over so looking forward to hearing him talk.  Skynet have also nicely asked a few other speakers to come along and make an afternoon of it.

Everyone is welcome to come along and we’ve created a wiki page for the event.