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ILUG AGM Saturday 13th December

ILUG AGM Saturday 13th December

That time has come again when we meet face to face and not over a pint.  This Saturday , at the Irish Computer Society , Pepper Cannister Church, Dublin, kicking off at 2pm.

 2:00pm - Chairman's welcome and opening of proceedings

 2:10pm - "The new ftp.heanet.ie" - Rob Gallagher (HEAnet)

 2:40pm - "Open Streetmap - the State of Ireland" - tbc (OpenStreetMap)

 3:00pm - "My Mobile Internets" - Gareth Eason (HEAnet)

 3:30pm - "The Connect Schools Project" - Ronan Herron (Dublin County Council)

 3:45pm - An Irish grenuile.com project - Tomas Pedousant

 4:10pm - "ip route equalize"     - Ronan Mullally (4L Communications)

 4:30pm - ILUG AGM Proceedings



so after hearing all about this over the last few weeks, and then being shown it the other night. I said I’d try it out for a bit and see what all the fuss was about. So now I’ve facebook, bebo, a blog, Skynet, GTalk, MSN and IRC ways of finding me. So if you are on Twitter let me know how you are getting on with it.

And if it’s down you can find me on #linux, #foobar :) in plain old black screen text base style that’s reliable :)

POTD – 28th February

POTD – 28th February

If anyone is about, POTD (pint of the day) – Food/Drinks in The Longstone on Thursday 28th February from 18:30. Come along. Have a good look around but the last few times, we’ve been on the top floor of the pub. If this doesn’t suit, just call another POTD and mail folks just like paul did :)

Also if anyone is free on Wednesday come along and have a chat.