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Words fail me ….

Words fail me ….

My sodding laptop eventually left me Monday. After numerous phone calls and unanswered emails. Since Monday it’s been sitting in a warehouse in Dublin. Nobody seems to know why this is the case, though nothing surprises me at this stage from having had to deal with Laptopsdirect.

But this morning, dealing with my slightly sore head (great night shall add a post about it later)I get an email from them asking me would I like an extended guarantee on my new purchase. No I would not like  an extended one, I’d have liked it to just sodding well work when I opened the flipping box!!!!!

According to the person who sent the email, her records didn’t show the laptop was being returned!!

Words fail me….

The saga continues

The saga continues

SO it seems to collect a laptop is actually a lot of hassle! Go Figure! It was meant to be collected this morning by courier MS Logistics  (I shall add a site link when I get the correct one). Was then meant to be after lunch. Few phone calls hours later, it was meant to be collected by 5pm.

Rang the ever so charming folks at laptopsdirect at 4:45 and was told it would collected by 5pm. No show. Rang back again at 5:10 and was put on hold, the call dropped and rang straight back only to find them closed! So rang the courier to see what the story was, seemingly the courier was sent to the office so in theory my laptop should be gone…. it’s not!

I was promised a phone call back within 5 minutes to get clarification. No call. (seeing a pattern here….) Rang back again, the guy who was due to ring me back  had gone home! I asked the operator at the end of the line did she know if my laptop was going to be collected today, she said no they were closed till Monday. I then asked did she happen to know her website address as I wanted to look them up, she’d no idea of it!!!

So after 15 minutes of a charming conversation as to the whereabouts of the driver that was to ring me and the fact that the Irish office was seemingly closed I was promised a call back……

….. still waiting

Laptop shopping a word to the wise

Laptop shopping a word to the wise

I’d been looking for a new laptop for a while as my last one a Sony Vaio decided that it liked to blank screen but remain on most of the time, I rang Sony about this and was told I’d have to pay €850 for this to be repaired as the connection had gone and needed a new screen. —– You can buy a new laptop for flip sake for that price!!!!

So on to the magical internet and had a look around to see what was out there. Found a few nice online stores and to be fair there is a great selection out there. I finally settled upon Laptopsdirect. On Monday I ordered a Toshiba Satellite Pro A20-1PP Pentium Dual Core T2330. It looked good and did what I needed it to do.

Yesterday (20/02/2008) @ 16:00 it arrived at work. I was like a kid! Opened it up, powered it on – FAIL!

Not joking, got a couple of the lads to have a look and see what could be done, error – OS install corrupt please try again.

Got straight onto Laptopsdirect, told them the story. I was to fill in a form that would be sent to be straight away and arrange for a pick up. I thought this was pretty good.

On closer inspection, the laptops spec I ordered was not the one that was delivered andon even further inspection, the display had dead pixels.
One hour later no sign of the form, rang again, got onto another chap, he told me how to get the form online. (could have told me that in the first place) rang up afterwards to make sure they had received it. Was told to wait as it had to be cleared by a manger.

Now here’s the weird thing, they would collect the laptop within 72 hours, and 24 hrs from the time it was collected give me a new one. I asked could the new one not be delivered when the old one was being collected….. No. their courier did not support that. What a pile of cock! and more inconvenience to me.

So today, I’m waiting to hear from them as to when they will collect it from me. I emailed as I’d not heard anything about a collection date or time only to be told it would be tomorrow before they could collect it. (email 21/02/08 @10:57)More pain.

I have emailed back at 11:03 (21/02/08)to say I was not happy with this arrangement as that means the earliest I’ll get a replacement laptop is monday pending the sales people ringing me to find an alternative.

Shall keep you posted!

21/02/08 @12:25 Email has not been replied to nor have sales folks ruung to discuss alternatives for me to order

21/02/08 @ 13:24 Rang Customer services (joke!) Asking when they’d be collecting my laptop, Friday it would seem would be the earliest they could possibly do. Meaning, they get it Monday, and only then could the sales guys take an alternative order from me and delivery by Wednesday/Thursday. Trying to explain this to the person on the other end and her not seeing a problem with this was frustrating, if they could send a laptop to me and collect the one here it would make life easier and make more sense. Complete and utter PITA!

Gone with getting a refund from this crowd, which I don’t get till the laptop is back in the UK.. Back to the drawing board, maybe next time I’ll buy from a shop where I can see it working in front of me, but there is no way I’d buy from this place again.