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August Dublin MUG meet up

August Dublin MUG meet up

Last week I went to my first ever MUG ( MongoDB User Group) meet up in Dublin.  Having never been to one I wasn’t sure how many would turn and what the format was.  It was the middle of summer and in Ireland so it was pouring rain and yet we had over 40 people turn up on Thursday in the 10gen Dublin office.  It was lovely to meet people face to face and get to meet members of the community who use MongoDB every day in their organisations.  Everyone arrived early and over some cold beers in the fridge had some great conversations with one another.

Dublin MUG

First talk was David Lynch from Soundwave, a new product I’d not heard about, it’s an app for your phone that instantly picks up songs from your regular player and streaming apps as you play them. “Draw a circle with your finger over any city, street or building to see what songs are being played in that area. Tune into your local gym, favourite music festival.”It does all of this using MongoDB. David explained the reasons as to why they chose MongoDB for their product features such as availability, flexibility, tooling scaling and geo-search were behind their choices.  He also mentioned areas in which we could improve such as Geo-searching.  No tool is perfect and without feedback to see where users are needing help nothing can ever be improved upon. Lucky we have Derick Rethans on hand to tell us more about Geo at the London MUG in September!

Dave explains why soundwave chose MongoDB

If you missed Davids talk or want to see what he talked about he has very nicely made available his slides for downloading. To be able to meet and hang out with the community in the 10gen office was great and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun especially when a lot of pizza boxes appeared and we pointed ou the fridges were still full of beer!

Dublin MUG Pizza

Following on from Pizza, Gregor Macadam from 10gen gave a very insightful talk on MMS ( MongoDB Management Services) which is a cloud-based suite of services for managing MongoDB deployments. MMS provides monitoring and backup capabilities, helping users optimize clusters, automate tasks and mitigate operational risk. This is where having a talk in an office outweighs going to the pub, Gregor explained how MMS works not just by talking about it but also showed real time graphs and explained how MMS works by drawing it out so people could understand what he was saying.  I know that really helps me understand things better I need visual examples so I found this to be a very informative talk. Gregor has also made his slides available.

At the end of the talks I got to do a short introduction of who I am and how I can help people, but also asking for suggestions for events, perhaps not every MUG needs to have two talks, we can do something more hands on if people wanted just let me know so I can arrange it.  I did ask for a show of hands who was signed up to the monthly newsletter not as many as I’d hoped so you should sign up and learn what’s happening when and where also see what we’ve been up to.

It was a great evening and I look forward to meeting people again, if you want to keep tabs of what is happening in Dublin sign up to the Dublin MUG Meet up, if you’re in London in September we also have a meet up taking place and if you want to find a local MUG we have lots to chose from.

Coderdojo Divas in Limerick

Coderdojo Divas in Limerick

Ever heard of a CoderDojo neither had I till a few months ago, but they seem to have really taken off in Ireland and it’s brilliant to see happening.  For those unaware what they are :

CoderDojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology

There are more and more events happening each month not only in Ireland but all over the world so if you wanted to bring your child along there is an opportunity to do so. Not only that they are always looking for mentors, while that’s not me I know many of developers who are good at explaining how things are done in an easy way to understand.  It’s meant to be fun and encouraging kids to learn how to develop.

The coderdojo Divas in Limerick is a new twist to the event, wanting more girls to take part as they noticed the numbers were a bit lower with girls, they have decided to run this event at the same time.  I think it’s great and always looking to get more girls involved in technology if we need to tweak events we should do so! Best of luck to all of those involved.  I wished these events were around when I was growing up…

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release from the Irish LoCo perspective

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release from the Irish LoCo perspective

Guest post from Barry Burke:

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release.

Ubuntu is code-named around 6 months in advance of every released at around the time of the previous release. Ubuntu is known for its outrages names of a Adjective followed by an animal.
Suggestions are allowed by anybody with a standard Ubuntu account.. Just submit idea
to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames,

I have often seen a name and it would have suggested by a group beside it (here you can also explain what the animal and the adjective are) I propose we put our minds together.Send in a few suggestions to the mailing list and decide on 1 or more for the 13.10 release. The Letter is S this time around. It would be great if we got a Irish connection to the name of ubuntu 13.10 release and would be a great boost to the loco team.

As Already talked about on the Irc Meting and the Ubuntu Ireland Mailing list
The Suggestions we have Are:

Supreme Sionnach
– pronounced shun-ach. Sionnach is an irish for a red fox or Madra Rua.
That was suggested by Tommy on the Mailing list.

He Also suggested Sublime sionnach
sublime: Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

Victor9098 suggested on irc Sinuous Sionnach

If you have any more of them why not post to the mailing list or here and we can discuss it on irc