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One Week to OggCamp See you there

One Week to OggCamp See you there

Wow I can’t believe it’s almost here again! For the 2nd year in a row I’ve helped in a small way to organise OggCamp! Glutten for punishment or  the fact I love working working with the UUPC and LO folks. This year I’m over here which also helped so no flights and cross country travelling for me!

It’s just one short week until OggCamp 11! This year the event is bigger than last year, hard to believe good thing the venue is large to cope with it. Folks are travelling from all over the UK and from outside of the UK to make the weekend event, folks have even sorted out camping to help others and starting from Friday night Oggcamp is in full swing.

The Farnham Maltings venue has a really nice feel to it and is ideally located for the park and pubs. Venue aside it’s the people who come to the event, take part, giving a talk, demonstrating and getting together offline and face to face that make the event. Without people coming and taking a weekend out to join us there would be no point in having it, we could just tune into the podcasts :)

There are  three stages, two of which are being run as an unconference. That means that the wonderful OggCampers volunteer talks and others vote for the ones they’d like to see most! Today I’ve been kind of mulling about giving a talk, contemplating life outside of IRC in a FLOSS community, it’s just a thought at present may need to do some scribblings using old fashioned pen and paper and see how it goes from there.

 We’ll be using CampFire Manager by Jon Spriggs to schedule these talks for the first time this year and it looks like it’ll be great.

Our main stage schedule is  basically complete. The Ubuntu Podcast team will be joining forces with the Linux Outlaws for the traditional live podcast recording. There will be a panel discussion and a raffle too! We’re also grateful for our main stage speakers, including

We’ve got some exhibitors, including

We’ve also got some surprises planned for the weekend which you’ll only find out about by being there. If you want to come along and join in some or all of the weekend’s activities, you can. It’s free. That’s right, it doesn’t cost a penny. There are a few tickets left and you can get your hands on them here: http://oggcamp11.eventbrite.com

It’s free thanks to our lovely sponsors:

On Saturday at lunch time we’re going to have a GEEKNIC! So come prepared with some nibbles or there are places close by to buy some food!

With a week to go the last bits of pieces are coming into play which hopefully means my inbox will stop filling up. Before we know it we’ll be standing in the William Cobbett pub sharing a drink or two with the lovely OggCampers on Friday night and won’t touch the ground until after the Sunday night drinks! The plan for the weekend is available on the OggCamp website.

Ubuntu Ireland August Geeknic

Ubuntu Ireland August Geeknic

The poll for the August Geeknic is now closed.  St. Stephens Green was the winner. It’s a big park so I recommend this location as the meeting point on Sunday the 14th August at 1pm.

Everyone is welcome, bring along some food, maybe a rug to sit on and come and chat with other people who want to meet you! We’re meeting HERE!!!
I’ll be the one with the Tux baseball cap.  Plus crutches. Two other locations were suggested in comments for a the location.  It

was too late to add them to the poll but I will make sure that they are offered as locations for the next Dublin Geeknic.

Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for us.

See you there,

PS Me – czajkowski won’t be there :) See you soon folks

Dun Laoghaire July Geeknic

Dun Laoghaire July Geeknic

It went ahead even if it was a miserable wet and windy… Summers day! At least the rain held for the time we all met up and had some lovely food from the farmers market.  Well worth going to if you are in the area.  1st Sunday of the month there is a farmers market in people’s park  in Dun Laoghaire.

Thanks to those who came along and braved the cold it was nice to meet some new folks as well and exchange some ideas and thoughts on Ubuntu and Open Souce and what people were doing.  Big thanks to Jeffrey to organised the Geeknic also!  More photos here

Orla and Oisin relaxing at the Geeknic

Hiding under shelter from the rain showers