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Aloha fellow Ubunteros

Aloha fellow Ubunteros

Aloha there, So firstly I’m Laura Czajkowski, and  I received my Ubuntu Membership this week and only finally getting around to writing a post about it and introducing myself here on the planet. I’m involved in the Irish LoCo based in Dublin Ireland.  Originally from Limerick, (don’t let the surname confuse you I am Irish) but moved to Dublin for a job as a Software Tester for an Irish Software house 18 months ago.

I recently attended UDS, and never been there before I was pretty amazed with the cool people I met and the great discussions that took place, also means my inbox is now a bit full with people tagging the photos of UDS that have I have on facebook but are also located here.

I stuck with the Community track at UDS as that’s what I like to focus in on and basically that’s what you’ll see here as well as a few other rants. The blog itself about events I run here for the Irish LoCo or  events I run myself, and some outings that I go on with my mates that are non geek related. I can be found on IRC at most stages in -ie, -women and -locoteams as czajkowski.

Just said I’d drop a line and say hi :-)

Dublin Girl Geek Dinner – August

Dublin Girl Geek Dinner – August

Martha has organised a second Dinner again in Dublin. Taking place on Tuesday August 26th at Herbstreet Restaurant on Hanover Quay. To attend all you need to do is sign up on the site so Martha can keep track of the number. Blokes can come, as long as they are invited as a guest of a Girl Geek :) As to why you might want to come along.

It’s a chance to meet more like minded people. It’s very informal, and you get to meet some very interesting characters. It’s a great way to network and also a nice way to sample new places in Dublin. If you do want to come along and want an invite let me know, or if you want any more information just leave a comment.

Catch up, chat up and keep up

Catch up, chat up and keep up

That’s what I am at this weekend. Heading to Limerick to the SKynet awards. Should be fun to see some old mates there. Each year skynet runs a internal award system for best society person and best admin within the society for work done for Skynet. This in turn leads to an award night with some nibbles, drinks and this time some talks.

In 2006 Alan Cox came over, presented a talk and then Daniel Nagle and John Madden were presented with their awards for Best society person and best admin. Fun night was had with sitting outside Moll Darbys (flash site) till all hours and then onto Dolans. Oh and I won last year, we just didn’t get to go on the beer!

This year the following is the time table of the event.

Starts off at 2pm in the Students Union, Room 3 (Upstairs, beside the common room) Mel Gorman will be giving a talk on: “Maintaining
Performance of Software with a Basic Awareness of Hardware”.

After that (at 3:00pm) Christian van den Bosch (m1, composer of one of the Skynet Game clue’s) will be giving his talk on Retro cryptography.

Next (3:40pm) Sean Blanchfield (DemonWare) will be giving a talk on: A technical history of DemonWare.

4:30pm Quiz in the Students Union Common room.

6:00pm Award ceremony for Quiz winners, Society Person and Admin of the year.

6:30pm Then into Java’s (formerly the Scholars)