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Travelling over the coming weeks and catching up with people

Travelling over the coming weeks and catching up with people

I’ve a lot of travel ahead of me over the coming weeks, and yes it’s weeks as opposed to months which it is also but still! Part of my role in MongoDB is to attend events we run for the community such as our MongoDB Days, but also attend events we’re involved in and taking part.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be in various locations and if you want to drop by and say hi, we can have an Ubuntu Hour. As I don’t know the areas you’ll have to suggest places to me, which is also nice as it means I get to meet new people and see places I normally wouldn’t get to see.


Dublin 23rd


Paris 10th
Munich 12th -13th
Turin 25th


NYC 3rd-8th
Toronto 9th-12th
Barcelona 29th-1st December

LoCo Council Nominations

LoCo Council Nominations

The final few days before the call for nominations closes on the LoCo Council.  I’ve had a chance to think back over the past 4 years on the LoCo Council.  The friends I’ve made being on the council, the people I’ve met when travelling and the stories I’ve heard from people running their teams.  All have been amazing and eye opening.

When you think your LoCo Team it’s hard to believe there are over two hundred teams world wide! Each with a story, each one does their own events, and takes part in global events doing it their way and it’s fascinating to see how people get involved in their LoCo Team.  From being involved in keeping their wiki page up to date, to chairing a meeting, handing out flyers at events, staffing a booth, giving presentations, to being there and and talking to others about Ubuntu at their events catching up on IRC.  It’s great to see and read how each community is doing. I’ve loved every minute of it.

Being on the council is rewarding, you get to hear about how people are doing and helping them with issues, but it also can be frustrating at times.  Sometimes things don’t go as fast as you want them, keeping everyone happy at times isn’t always possible, there is always someone out there who isn’t going to like change. But you do work as a team on the council and that’s something to be proud of.  You work with your peers from all over the world who come from teams who’ve been active and spreading Ubuntu and hope they bring this enthusiasm and experience to the LoCo Council.

I do think there are some challenges to face going forward, with the lack of a physical UDS it’s harder (not impossible) to really connect with teams and their experiences.  It’s not always possible to have the council attend a UDS online due to work commitments, it’s also the same thing for LoCo Teams people are at work and it’s not so easy to take part and discuss issues.  It’s great at times to discuss things on lists but it’s not the same as a face to face talking and getting to know your community.  Perhaps a online UDS over a weekend would help this as that would mean people could attend and not have to juggle work and being part of the community.

If you’ve not considered joining the LoCo Council, why not? Is there someone on your team who you think would be good to be on the council, ask them to see if they would like to be nominated! Closing for nominations is this week on Wednesday 18th September.

Previous council Members

Previous Council Members over the years

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release from the Irish LoCo perspective

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release from the Irish LoCo perspective

Guest post from Barry Burke:

Naming The Ubuntu 13.10 Release.

Ubuntu is code-named around 6 months in advance of every released at around the time of the previous release. Ubuntu is known for its outrages names of a Adjective followed by an animal.
Suggestions are allowed by anybody with a standard Ubuntu account.. Just submit idea

I have often seen a name and it would have suggested by a group beside it (here you can also explain what the animal and the adjective are) I propose we put our minds together.Send in a few suggestions to the mailing list and decide on 1 or more for the 13.10 release. The Letter is S this time around. It would be great if we got a Irish connection to the name of ubuntu 13.10 release and would be a great boost to the loco team.

As Already talked about on the Irc Meting and the Ubuntu Ireland Mailing list
The Suggestions we have Are:

Supreme Sionnach
– pronounced shun-ach. Sionnach is an irish for a red fox or Madra Rua.
That was suggested by Tommy on the Mailing list.

He Also suggested Sublime sionnach
sublime: Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

Victor9098 suggested on irc Sinuous Sionnach

If you have any more of them why not post to the mailing list or here and we can discuss it on irc