This is me

Well for starters I’m Laura Czajkowski, a 30+year living in London and working for Canonical as the Launchpad Support Specalist.  I’m originally from Castleconnell Co.Limerick  and moved to London in November 2010.

So how it all began  how did I get involved in the land of Open Source?  Well I was actively involved in the running of the UL Computer Society, Skynet as Treasurer and also as President.  When I signed up I couldn’t get the user name czajkowski as the nick was too long so I took cypher.  I organised many talks and came up with SkyCon. A conference to celebrate 15 years of Skynet and to promote Open Source.

When I moved to Dublin I became more involved in ILUG, and Ubuntu-ie .  I started my own ossbarcamp up in and held 2 in 2009,and 2 in 2010. I’ve collaborated with other events on Open Source in Dublin and work with many groups to help promote their areas.

I’m an Ubuntu end user and Member.  I help where I can and am involved in promoting Ubuntu here in Ireland and now the UK.  I orgnaise events and have started to give talks where possible to people who may be interested in learning more about Ubuntu and Open Source. I’ve spoken at University Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology, CLC Leeds, FOSDEM and OGGCamp in the past.

I was elected to the Ubuntu LoCo council in November 2009, and I work on the Ubuntu NGO project which aims to promote and help NGOs who use Ubuntu and other forms of Open Source applications. I was the elected to the Ubuntu EMEA board which over sees Ubuntu membership which means I get to see how people are doing and how they contribute  and I love it

When I’m not flying the flag of Open Source, my second love is Rugby, hailing from Munster I’m a proud rugby fan and follow my team wherever I can.

I love to travel, see new places and experience new culture and sights.Preferably in the sun and anywhere there is heat! Places I’d love to visit are New Zealand, Hawaii, and South Africa.

In my spare time when I’m not organising events or watching rugby, I like to walk and take photographs, I’m no professional, but like to take snaps of places I’ve been.

I dislike Fish.

This is me…. at least for now.

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