MongoDB Community Kit

MongoDB Community Kit

Recently we’ve been thinking on ways to help our community grow, help the organisers of our MUGs and help people get more involved in ways they may not have known.  At one of our recent team meetings we decided to come up with a package to help our MonogDB Community continue to grow and give them some guidance in ways in which this can be achieved.

These tools are to help you as a user and a community member run events, talk about MongoDB, contribute to the project and help grow the community. This will be a  downloadable collection of useful information that we hope can  provide you with what you need to get started.

As a MongoDB user, you have the opportunity to make a large impact on a vibrant community of open source developers and engineering professionals. Your knowledge, experience and skills can have a tremendous impact on future users. Sometimes people want to get involved but aren’t sure what the process is or how to get involved, we’ve come up with some suggestions on ways you  can provide valuable impact:

  • Give a talk on how you scaled your MongoDB infrastructure
  • Write a blog post with real advice on how to use MongoDB in production
  • Create an open source tool for MongoDB that enables other users to code faster and create better deployments.
  • Create a User Group in your local community that gets users together

We hope this package will be used by organisers of MUGS speakers who are want to talk at events. Users that want to get involved in projects elated to MongoDB and who are excited about contributing to an open source project.

We have already added content to the kit and it’s currently located on github, we would like in the future to make this easier to download and update.  This package is useful to people when information is added, so we’d love to see more content contributed, and we will gladly work with the community to review the material they’ve created.

Perhaps you’re a person who is great at design and have in the past created flyers or posters for your event, why not add them to the package. Many people often struggle at writing presentations, let’s add some simple ones that that have worked and can be used again, this makes it easier for people to take the package and translate the presentation into their own language and get their community excited!

There are hundreds of ways for you to make an impact. We hope this package  is useful and makes it easier to get involved or encourage your friends and colleagues to get involved. This guide is meant to help you get started and introduce you to the practices that have worked for others. Once you have started using it, we encourage you to give feedback and offer your advice. Just submit a pull request on a page to add or adjust the content.

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