Making it simpler to get sponsorship when needed from 10gen

Making it simpler to get sponsorship when needed from 10gen

Last month I started working at 10gen as their Community Manager in EMEA for MongoDB.  It has been one of the busiest four weeks in any new role and has been amazing to be involved with such a fantastic team and a very enthusiastic community.

When you start any new role you have a different view on things, you see things from another perspective.  When you work with a team and you brain storm in a room together you take those ideas and the feedback from people doing their jobs for longer than you have and you come up with some amazing ideas that you want to put in place. Within 10gen it was as simple as that we had an idea, I filed a jira ticket ( jira is my new best friend) people imputed their ideas and then it was fixed. When you work in a vibrant and active community it’s important to have things move along at a good steady pace.

I am very happy to say that for the MongoDB community applying for sponsorship just became that bit easier.  As there is Francesca and myself looking after the community sometimes requests come in and we need to forward them on or share it with the rest of the team.  As of today there is now a nice simple to use form where people can submit their event details, the date, name of the event, what they need from 10gen in the form of Swag, financial aide of speakers.  What type of event is it?  Is it a conference  a MUG, workshop or some other larger event.  The form is designed to give us as much information as possible to help us help the community with their events and submit all of the necessary information in one go.

So how can people request help? Very easily, if you simply fill out the form location on either the user groups page under “What 10gen can offer”  we get the form submitted to us, every fortnight we sit down and review the proposals in the mean time we also touch base with organisers to talk and see how we can help them or learn more about their events.

what 10gen offer

I am very proud of having this feature rolled out within a month to help the community and I look forward to introducing more tools to help the community in the coming months.

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