New job means new tasks and new tools to be used

New job means new tasks and new tools to be used

It’s true, with any new role there is that whole influx of tasks that need to be done Simple things like email set up,calendar, getting access to accounts, and when you think you’ve got all your access sorted out, you get told about another system. It’s been a busy few days here at the 10gen office in NYC, I’ve here to get to meet the rest of the team, get to know people and plan where I’m going to be and who to see over the coming months.

The week is full of events happening, from Open House, to MongoNYC to Office Hours, MongoDB Masters in the house and make your own ice cream sandwiches, which is great as I get to meet everyone, but I’m also learning about the new tools that will help me do my job.

ice  cream sandwich

With every new tool you also need a new login which you don’t notice till you go and login, so far the nicest tool I’ve gotten to use this week is Jira, now I’ve used RT for the last number of years in Ubuntu community so I’m used to a ticketing system. In previous roles we’ve had our own inhouse ticket tracker for bugs and issues but I’ve not come across Jira till this week.

On first impressions it seems rather nifty, I love their dashboard it’s slightly easier to navigate and find the information you need without performing the sun dance to the gods of searches on RT in order to find the information you need. One of the other features I like in it is the fact that you can mange boards within the projects so a useful way to organise ones workload. I like being able to file a ticket, track it and resolve it, I find it’s far easier to keep on top of tasks here than in email at times. So pretty happy with this new tool!

Now a tool I’ll be using myself in order to keep up to date is Nitro tasks. It’s simple to use, you can add tags, priority, end date and notes to it. Bonus also is the fact it syncs up to my ubuntu one account so it’s backed up :) I’m a visual kind of person, and I like lists so while I may jot down notes  while in meetings, they get copied over here to nitro and priorities are added to it. While I’m working on the task I can update it with any information needed. It’s a useful tool and  if you like lists I recommend it.

The only thing I’ve not gotten my head around this week is using a web client for my email not loving that so far as I prefer a desktop client so now my mail will go into Thunderbird once I’ve the folders and filters  and labels – set up server side so it’ll all come in and then I can work out what’s what.

It’s a very busy week but it’s nice to see even when people are busy they are taking time out to meet their community who come into visit today for the Office Hours.  I’m hoping to run these in London when I get back and possibly over in Dublin at some stage in the near future.  I’ll keep you all posted.


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