Open House at 10gen NYC Office

Open House at 10gen NYC Office

Tuesday this week saw the 10gen office in New York host an Open House to celebrate its move into it’s new home here. Having never really been to an open house before for an office wasn’t sure what to expect.  There was a lot of buzz about the place, people were excited to show off their place and also welcome their community in to meet them for some nibbles, chat and even a game of table tennis.



Never underestimate the opening of ones doors to your community, showing them where you work, and meeting the people who they may work with on a mailing list, or on a project together.  It makes them feel part of your community and removes the us and them feeling.  When people can chat informally over nibbles and drinks friendships occur your community feels more satisfied and involved in the process.


There was an amazing energetic atmosphere in the office, a real party vibe, given the amount of balloons all over the place you got the feeling there was a party going on!

openhouse party

For me the open house was a chance to mingle, meet people in office and also meet the community, hear how enthusiastic they are about the project, how they are involved the ideas they have flowing about and how they want to get more involved.  It was a chance for me to put the names to the faces of people I will be working with and also a chance for them to get to know me as I will be based out of the London office.

I look forward to meeting more people on my travels over the coming months in EMEA, attending and running office hours, where people can come along to the office, meet the developers and get involved in MongoDB. We will hopefully be running more events in the coming months so keep tuned!

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