Biting the apple in NYC first day at MongoDB

Biting the apple in NYC first day at MongoDB

So Friday was my last day at Canonical, and yesterday I hopped on a plane from London to JFK, no rest for the wicked I say.  Clearly my inability to sleep isn’t set to one timezone, I’m currently running on diet coke and fumes! I saw sunrise this morning and it was very pretty!


I decided to go for a walk this morning and grab breakfast on the way to the office. It turns out New York truly never sleeps, it was 7am and it was rather hectic out there, taxi drivers don’t believe in stopping, right on red still seems makes no sense to me. Steam coming from the road through grates still looks rather pretty although smells rather rank.

laura NYC

Walking down one of the streets and past the hustle and bustle, I find myself seeing a massive queue of people screaming and shouting and waving signs all over the place, turns out it was Brad Pitt himself giving an interview on his latest film, just one of those things you see on your way to work seemingly :)

Wandering around this morning was nice and then I had to find the office, turns out hanging a flag outside your office makes it very easy to see!


I’ve had a brilliant first day, jam packed full of meetings and getting to meet the rest of the team, plan and work out stuff that is happening this week, from MongoDB Masters to Open House and on Friday MongoDB NYC.  It’s a great way to get submersed in the role and find ones feet.  Getting to grip with all the tools used, putting the faces to the names on emails and sorting out my inbox and calendar so I can be as productive this week while I have the opportunity to meet people in person and brainstorm the coming months!

With any new role or change in your life you’re always going to have that exciting first day feeling, followed quickly with the OMG there is so much to learn and take in. But everyone has been lovely and welcoming offering advice and making themselves available to talk and plan.  It’s been reassuring knowing that together as a team we’re going to be busy making the next few months jam packed with events taking place and shaping up the MUGs which I hope to attend and get to know and work with the organisers.

One the way home I got to pop into M&Ms World and saw Red and also Brad pitt again on the red carpet with the opening of his new movie, just an everyday walk home really!


Good Night NYC it has been a very busy day roll on the rest of the week.

Goodnight NYC

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