A bite of something new

A bite of something new

The time has come to make some decisions and like all decisions you think about them, over think them, weigh up the pros and cons of the outcome and then you really just have to make a decision. A leap and take a bite of something new.


I’ve just done that. Friday will be my last day at Canonical and it has been one of the most enjoyable working experiences for me ever. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, learn how people worked on different projects with ease and experience but also show you how they work which was great. I’ve had some amazing experiences dealing with the community when working on Launchpad, had wonderful managers who drive you and encourage you always.

While I may be leaving Canonical behind, I am not leaving the Ubuntu Community.  I’ll still be around on the usual IRC channels and I’m still very much active on the Community and LoCo Councils I sit on.  I am leaving Canonical for a career progression not due to any of the work it has done.  I think the work Canonical has done and will do will in fact cement its place in the open source world and one day I will walk into my local shop, buy my phone and desktop all running Ubuntu on it thanks to them!

So where am I off to?  I’ve joined 10gen as their Community Manager for EMEA.  For me I still wanted to be involved in open source community and being able to combine my passion of working with people and technology made it clear to me this was a role I was suited to. I can’t wait to get more involved and grow this role, it will be a chance to work with the community, developers and evangelists and meet face to face the people who help drive and spread MongoDB at  events and at their MUGS. This week I’ll be in NYC to meet the rest of my team and take part in my first MongoNYC event. It’s going to be busy, jam packed week with lots to do and learn and I’m really looking forward to it!



Today was my last day in the office and it was lovely! I had cakes and lunch with some lovely friends that I’ve made and gotten to know in Canonical. I’m always a ping away  as czajkowski on freenode.


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  1. if you feel inclined to stop by #debian-nyc on oftc, we like meeting Debian and Ubuntu folks for various food-related activity when they are in town.

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