June HacknTalk event – London

June HacknTalk event – London

Following on from the first event in March of this year where we had a great day of talks covering varying topic I am very happy to announce the next HacknTalk will take place on the 29th June at the Google Campus again in London.

For those who missed it we had a great turn out and had talk on “Documenting tools for Tech Events“, “How to get kids more involved in open source in Education“,” Exceptional Money“, “Using MVC in Game Design” and we learned about STEMNET.  There were other talks, lots of demonstrations and hands on help from members of the community helping one another with their questions.

We hope to reproduce the fun and informative day again in June.  Learn about more great projects that are happening in the varying open source communities and meet new people. Since HacknTalk is an unconference, the speaking/demo schedule will be set on the day and everyone is free to propose a talk themselves. You are of course free to come along, sit back and listen to other people’s talks but we’d like to encourage everyone to take part and talk on something they are passionate about in technology.  There is lots of space, wifi, and power sockets to go around. Break out areas to work on your hacking or demoing and hanging out with people.

If you want to come along please do remember places are limited so you need to sign up. If you can’t make the event, let other people in your community know about it and remember there will be another event in 3-4 months again. You can follow @hackntalk for more updates.

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