HacknTalk – March Event

HacknTalk – March Event

One thing about me is I love to orgnaise anything, be it room, books, tops, filing or conferences, to me this is in fact oddly relaxing.  Yes i appreciate I am rather alone in this thinking.

However, I missed organising events so have started up a new venture.  It’s called HacknTalk, a one day event where people can come along, work on projects, give a talk on something they have learnt or a demo on something we’ve all read about but don’t know how to use.  This idea came to me when I watched Mark Shuttleworth demo the HUD when he was over at Skycon in October of last year.  Many people had heard of the HUD, but nobody knew how to use it well. After he showed it off when using The Gimp, everyone was willing to give it a try again and people could see the logic in it.  A demo is often worth 3 blog posts :)

With that in mind I set about trying to find a venue in London to use as that’s where I am currently located. To my joy the Google Campus have kindly let me use their venue. The first HacknTalk will take place on Saturday March 9th from 11-5pm. Since HacknTalk is an unconference, the speaking/demo schedule will be set on the day and everyone is free to propose a talk themselves. You are of course free to come along, sit back and listen to other people’s talks but we’d like to encourage everyone to take part and talk on something they are passionate about in technology.

People are welcome to do given a talk on any topic or perhaps they wish to demonstrate something they have gotten to know well.  Talks may be short and interactive, perhaps you wish to have a discussion, or we can hold an hour of  lightning talks. We have multiple tables at our disposal, should people want to collaborate together that is also possible. Again anything is possible  what happens will be up to those who come along!

It’s not distro or language specific, anyone and everyone are welcome to come along.  Place are limited however and you do need to sign up.  There is no cost associated with this event, it really is just created so more people can get together and get more hands on experience and learn from one another.

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