Back to School in Limerick

Back to School in Limerick

I’m in Ireland for 3 weeks in October due to conference and family events taking place, I thought I’d make good use of the time here.

I rang my old secondary school Laurell HillFCJ and spoke to the guidance counsellor, we have in Ireland a year called transition year (16/17 year olds), a year after one set of state exams called the Junior Cert and before students get ready to star a 2 year syllabus called Leaving Cert to get into University.  I wanted to talk to them about my career, open source, Ubuntu and how they could look at using Ubuntu during this year.  I know they get research projects during the year,  for those who want to use Irish more, they could look at Irish Translations.

I thought this would be a nice way to give back to my school and also at the same time show people something new they may never hear of till college, also maybe some ideas on where careers and hobbies can lead you.

So on October 24th I’ll be speaking to 3 classes, 40 students in each for 3 hours, in classrooms I use to be in. Many of the teachers I had are still there so this could be interesting to be there again!   I’m looking forward to this, and if anyone has any ideas on what to mention or how to get students involved leave me a comment! Thanks

Me in my uniform sitting outside Laurell Hill

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