Getting more photos on the locoteam portal

Getting more photos on the locoteam portal

I’ve just spent some time looking at the LTP and the images on there, there are some pretty amazing stuff on there! It’s really cool to see what other teams are doing and it’s rather inspiring!

It’s easy to see some teams on the team page have used the #tag for Ubuntu or their team tag for images! well done it looks great! It would be really good to see more photos there as I think a photo is worth a thousand words and really conveys the energy that locoteams bring!


I would encourage people to edit their team page on the LTP  

Here you can add different tags, in case you didn’t know this , you can add a Flickr or Picassa ID, you also can add your team specific hashtag on here also.

Some of the images I found throiugh various other ways I think would be fantastic to see on there.  Images of fun, Ubuntu, and events happening do encourage others to join as they see it being something enjoyable and they could take part in!

If every team added just two photos can you picture ( yes I made a pun) the colour and excitement on the LTP!

So more images, more colour, more fun on the LTP! also if you know of anyone who wants to get involved in development, encourage them to get involved and and join the team.

So get snapping and adding your pictures please!

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