Google hangout how I curse thee

Google hangout how I curse thee

I use Google hangouts every single day for at least an hour if not three or more some days.  Everything has been running fine up till the last week or so, my CPU would have a hissy fit, but not sound like it’s going to take off into the unknown and wallop itself against a wall to make it stop. Laptop is newish, bought at Christmas running precise, icore 5, 6GB ram and 128SSD and I love Sheldon to bits ( yes I do love TBBT).

In recent weeks Sheldon is complaining when I run a hangout an is rather upset at it’s CPU usage, 220% for a Google hangout seems crazy, and it was never like this way.  Wondering has anyone seen or noticed anything change I can’t be the only one, and yet I don’t see any bugs open it! :(  After asking around Jcastro suggested I kill the GoogleTalkPlugin which I’ve now started to do after the call, but this however doesn’t really help me during the call and ends up me having to mute my mic a lot as the sound of the fan throwing a wobbly isn’t really helpful on the calls.  Thoughts, suggestions?

Crazy high CPU

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  1. Have you tried connecting to Google’s network with Pidgin or some other client that supports the XAMPP protocols as the problem you report seems to be with Google’s plugin not the Jabber network?

  2. I’ve not done many hangouts, but I find G+ events make everything slow when you have a page with them on open. Google need to do some general optimising.

  3. I have had Google Hangouts bring my computer to its knees many times but in the last few weeks I haven’t had trouble with it. I am very curious what the problem could be.

  4. Experiencing the same thing running Win7 and chrome for google hangout. With the previous google talk there never was any problem. I don’t video more than one at a time, so utterly useless to get hangouts, and paying in high CPU and slow response from all programs. Damn it google….

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