UDS-P Day 3

UDS-P Day 3

The week is flying by and it’s been great to meet new people  I’m really trying to make an effort to sit with new people at breakfast so I can talk about new topics where possible and I do think it’s important to mix it up and meet new people.

I do like having the continuity of having the Community round table sessions each morning and we’re getting some topics discussed that don’t necessarily need a full session, or we are taking the time to plan future sessions later in the week which does help make them more productive.  We have spent a long time discussing the Community Survey results and looking at the feedback which was sent which is worth reading and also to note that this was the Ubuntu members thoughts on the project who are currently active and replied.

The next session for me was talking to Ubuntu attendees and seeing how they are doing and learning what they are planning for the coming cycle which is interesting for me as I’m probably not going to attend a Server or a start up boot session so me talking to them so hall session for me which is good as it’s nice to put the face to the name that I’m interacting with via bugs or on IRC. Today I met Curtis Horvey from the Launchpad team about a bug I’m having issues with and he and I and Mat Revell were able to bouce ideas off one another and possibly come up with a plan B.

Next sit down session for me was the LoCo Team Portal (LTP ) formally the LoCo Directory(LD), was a really  a what you want to see in the LTP that can be possibly developed given the current shortage of developers. Some ideas that were thrown out were replacing Google Maps with OSM, creating a page of where to send people so they can get started on development as the lads are doing a great job but clearly if people want more features but we don’t have enough folks helping them, so if you’re a Python developer please come and help, join #ubuntu-website and volunteer.

The Design and Community round table has been one of my favorite sessions so far.  As far as I can see the design team have a bad name which in my opinion is really unjust.  People really need to realise that design != unity there is a lot more work they do.  I really appreciated them reaching out and wanting to listen to the feedback from community people. So kudos to them!  They have a fantastic detailed blog covering lots of different ideas on their blog and it’s really worth reading.  One great thing that came from that session was creating a channel and mailing list that better describes the design team, so instead of Ayatana you would have ubuntu-design or ubuntu-design-discuss on mailing list and getting the message across that Ayatana is not just unity but there is the design team there.

Reducing Community Bickering is session that came about as a result of the Ubuntu Community Survey (here) began with discussing how to deal with the demotivating nonconstructive criticism on blogs. Me personally while I find the blog comments bad, I find the mailing lists worse from high up people in the Ubuntu community, I find that far more demotivating and frustrating.  When is a good time to step in and diffuse the situation as sometimes coming in too soon can not help also depending on steps in will or won’t resolve issues.

Penelope Stowe is doing a great job with the a11y team and it’s interesting to learn the difficulties people face when simple changes happen or how one new feature can really break a system when a11y issues are not considered.  The Accessibility Team are doing a great job and if you want to join in and help, they’d love people to help with packaging if you can.

Final session for the day was the Leadership Team Session, which I mostly went to sit in but did find extremely frustating, annoying and in the end I ended up having to bite my tongue as I felt I wasn’t being listened to. Which is not a good way to start.  I was under the impression it wasn’t a team more of a focus group, now it seems really formal, not really including the actual governing bodies, and most of the documentation is now on a Google doc being sent off to a locoteam to write, when surely if locoteams issues are being written would it not make more sense to ask the loco council to write that as they deal with it 24/7. My only saving grace is I’m not the only one in the boat who is thinking this way from the session and feeling frustrated.  google documents are great but not what we use in the community use to collaborate on, I wish it was coming from the councils down first.  Also calling it a team in itself was not what I thought it was all about so now they are talking about changing the name. who knows we shall see and keep following the progress of it all.

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  1. Totally agree about the Leadership Team session, didn’t quite get where it fits in the grand scheme of things. I think it aims to be an academic study of the concept of leadership rather than providing leadership as such itself. Or at least that is the only spin I can put on it that makes sense to me!

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