UDS-P Day 2

UDS-P Day 2

It’s been really great to meet people so far that I’ve been talking to via IRC or mailing lists and get to know them. Putting the faces to the names helps communication in the future.

The day kicked off again with the Community round table session, we discussed the results of the Community Survey that Jono conducted in October, these were sent out to Ubuntu Member.    You can see from the results people don’t like bickering in the Community, we  wanted to see which  people were experiencing some, any, all type and and if we can fix this issue. In this session we went through the  responses to the leadership questions which is very interesting to read and see the diverse answers  and we looked at where people were empowered and motivated to join the leadership teams within the community.

For the next session the LoCo Council members Chris, Christoph and myself got together and worked on a summary of the work we had done for the last cycle as it’s important to know what a council has being doing for a cycle and let everyone know so they can if they want learn more about what the team does.  The  final cycle  post is here.

It’s amazing and great to be able to sit face to face with the lads and get things done and discuss the issues face to face and really get on top of things. Being able to work on some of this stuff this week is really good, and we also sent a mail to UDS folks if they are here to come meet us and talk to us about your LoCo Team.  So far we’ve had 2 members from teams come to us which is great.

We also worked on some outstanding bug issues for us as the team.  I spoke to IS about getting some statistic from them regarding Loco. Ubuntu.com and seeing how many teams are using it.  Finally we got to work on our action items so far and scheduled another session for Thursday here at UDS to discuss Locale V LoCo on the LTP (LoCo Team Portal), we are also going to discuss the benefits to breaking up some of the larger countries into state/provinces like other locos already.

Next on the list was cloud .ubuntu.com development and where it is going this cycle, Jorge Castro is the new lead on this project and its always great watching him in a session he really drives to get things done and I can see already from the blueprint there are lots of cool action items coming, from making it more easier to navigate by adding new sections, explaining what JuJu is all about to getting more activity on twitter and more blog posts each month to encourage more interaction within the community.

Lunch time post plenaries the LoCo council are about this week to meet members from teams if you have issues/ideas want to know more come talk to us.

The after sessions was a mini Leadership summit. This session was 3 hours long and the first of a 2 day session, so we split this session into topics we picked from  the outline on the wiki

  • Limiting Council membership terms or number of councils an individual can be on at once
  • Best Practices for individuals participating on councils, boards and general leadership positions
  • Canonical-Community Interaction

These areas were discussed at length and a lot of discussion was aired to define what the challenges are within our growing community and coming up with ideas on how we can  address them in ways which would work now and could scale in future cycles.

A great idea came about as a roll check, or a health check for team councils to pop in to the Community Council meeting and give a heads up to them to let them know the team is ok, what things they are working on and a general head count to make sure things are running smoothly.  Also we looked at possibly reenforcing the Leadership Code of Conduct and how best we can do this.

It was an intense session and really interesting to see the comments coming from people on the councils both past and present and those who wish to elected to them, I’d be interested to see their opinions if they were elected and wondered would their views change on such matters.

It was a great day and ended up with me in bed at pm and not well and asleep till am today, wow so that’s what sleep feels like!

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