Why the CC

Why the CC

May as well come straight out and say it, I’ll be looking for nomination and support as I would like to take a place on the CC.

No I’m not mad (although I am Irish), I love being on the LoCo Council and that’s not changing as I love to work with loco teams, trust me it’s interesting, motivational and extremely heartening to see and hear the stories of what teams and members do.  I’m also on the EMEA, which in itself gives me an insight into how our community is changing, where people are coming from, how they interact with the community, internally, with Canonical, upstream and on the projects that give us our user experience of Ubuntu, Launchpad, and my saving grace of back up Ubuntu one.

So why would I like to add the CC to my list of monthly meetings eh not to mention more email in my inbox. Well I think we can do better, we can always do better, the current CC are great don’t get me wrong, but I think we’d be foolish to say we can never stop trying to improve or open up a better dialogue between groups.

I would like to see better community between Canonical Organisation and the Greater Ubuntu Community, sometimes I feel announcements come too late, we learn of things when they land in Ubuntu or when a change has been made yet not been conveyed more publicly.

Not so long ago I signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct I hold that to quiet a high standard, both by my actions and interactions with people. I believe it truly is what makes our community stick together. It encourages people to get involved, empowers them to want to get contribute more to the project which is how we grow our community.

The CC like the LC works with people teams and issues that are sometimes difficult, controversial and does need mediation.  I think my experience on the LC here has helped me learn how to deal with these areas and how also communication and working closely with people clears up ambiguity and gets things resolved.

For me to be elected to the CC would be another way for me to help the Ubuntu Community, but also another way to give back what I already believe in, working in the Ubuntu community promoting Ubuntu and helping the community grow is what I do truly want to do and I’m good at it.  I’m good at getting things done, organising and getting things in motion, sometimes through no fault of anyone, things can sometimes fall on the long finger, I’m cattle herder and I tend to push things along and if I was fortunate to be elected, the cattle prod would be used at times to push things along that are brought to our attention.

Lastly, it’s not a case of being elected or not.  For me it’s a chance to help you the Ubuntu community and if not it’s not going to change or alter my involvement in the community, I’m not going anywhere any time soon!

Thanks Laura

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