Planet Ubuntu Ireland – Lets get chatting

Planet Ubuntu Ireland – Lets get chatting

We are redoing the ubuntu-ie website here for the Irish team. We have our own planet and there are many members, it would be great to add more of your blogs on here. You don’t have to post about Ubuntu, post about you, what you do, what projects you’re working on. We’re a community and we should get to know our community. You don’t have to be based in Ireland still, lots of us ex pats want to get in touch and keep up to date with one another.  Tell us about what you’re working on, your hobbies, something that caught your eye, photographs anything.  Yes if it’s about Ubuntu great and that is good, if it’s about OSS/FLOSS, Linux or anything Geeky you should add your blog here and tell more people about the work you are doing.

In the future on there will be a feed taken from all the blogs that will have a tag associated with them, that tag has yet to be decided and those posts that are about Ubuntu and your locoteam and
events will be displayed on

If you would like your RSS feed added just drop a line to the list there are a few admins here who can add it here for you, or nab us on ubuntu-ie on freenode or poke people on @ubuntuie twitter and accounts and ask them to add your RSS feed plus a title for it.

Now get blogging and tell people what the folks in Ireland are doing!

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