10.10.10 – DUBLIN

10.10.10 – DUBLIN

Ubuntu Ireland will be having at least two release parties for Maverick.  On 10.10.10 we will be having it in Dublin.

Our day will kick off at Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet, 8 Eden Quay, Dublin 1 at 13:30 local time on Sunday 10th of October. After food we will move the party to The Market Bar, Fade Street, Dublin 2 at approximately 15:30, again local time. This is where we will keep an eye on Maverick Meerkats release using the available WiFi. The plan is to have a fun pub quiz in the market bar and, release willing, we will also provide help to anyone who wants a hand installing Ubuntu. Everyone is welcome come along and meet folks. Sign up on the loco directory page. More to follow on other release parties!

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  1. And, as you know, 101010 is binary for 42 which of course is the answer to life, the universe and everything (according to Hitchhikers Guide). Very appropriate ;-)

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