Ubuntu Global Jam – Dublin

Ubuntu Global Jam – Dublin

Plans are well underway now for a Global Jam to take place in Dublin on the weekend of  Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August.

We’re going to split into a two part event, real life meet up on the Saturday at TOG –  A Hackerspace in Dublin. On Sunday we’re going to meet online in #ubuntu-ie and working on areas as well but this way we allo for folks who can’t make it but do want to work on Ubuntu.  We’ll also be online on the Saturday.

What do we do at a global jam – work on bug triaging, cleaning up our wiki pages, logging bugs, documentation.  It’s a day when you get to decide to work on Ubuntu in your own way.

We have created the event on the LoCo Directory and we need you to sign up as places are limited. All of the details, including a rough timetable of what we are going to do during the day, if you can help people with bug triaging, python coding etc, how to get there are all on the sign up page.

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