July Geeknic

July Geeknic

Geeknic?? Its a picnic for geeks and there family and friends. Please feel free to bring your family and friends.
This is a family friendly event and kids are more than welcome.

Peoples Park, Dun Laoghaire.
We will meet in the park at the band stand. See map.

2.00pm Sunday 18th of July.

How to get there:
Dun Laoghaire Dart station is you best bet by public transport it takes about 25 minutes from Connolly. Here are some trains leaving Connolly around 2pm.
18/07 13:07-Arr13:30
18/07 13:29-Arr13:53
18/07 13:45-Arr14:01
18/07 13:50-Arr14:13
18/07 14:09-Arr14:33
It’s a short walk from the train station.

There looks to be loads of parking around the park , with a carpark at Newtownsmith Park Parking near by.

Noting, we are meeting in a public park.

What to bring :
Its a picnic. Bring anything(but I think there is no BBQ in the park) Bring food , drink for yourself and a little extra to share. For those who forget to bring food, there is a farmers market on the day in the park that sells all sorts of nice food.

There is a chance of rain, come on it’s Ireland. If there is rain on the day, keep an eye on the irc channel and twitter account
http://twitter.com/ubuntuie for updates. We will be still going to Dun Laoghaire but we might move somewhere in doors.

Don’t know don’t care. Come on it’s a picnic, the internet will be still there when you get back.

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