Encouraging LoCo Teams to talk more

Encouraging LoCo Teams to talk more

Aloha! I’ve been doing more thinking lately ( this lack of working thing is doing my noggin in and leaves me a lot of time to ponder) Some folks hang out in #ubuntu-locoteams on IRC mostly the guys working on the development of the LoCo Directory, there are others there who just idle or pop in and out.

It would be great to have more people dropping in and chatting and meeting more people from all other teams, chat, bounce ideas off one another and get to know others in the community.  This channel is open to everyone, a lot of the LoCo Council hang out in here also so if you’re looking for us it’s a good place to start if you want to talk to us on IRC.

It would be great if more people utilised this channel more and encouraged their team members to join here.

While I’m at it, the # tag for locoteams is really taking off and great to see teams using it.  Don’t forget if you’ve an idea or planning an event tweet/dent it and add #locoteams to it and let more people know the work you are planning on doing.

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  1. Hi, Laura!

    That would be great, but for small LoCos like mine (Asturian) hanging on IRC, social networks or forums would prevent to actually getting stuff done :)

    Not that I’m against that, it’s great to know that you can pop into such channels when you need to know something (I’m thinking of #ubuntu-learning) and I *really* appreciate the hard work of the people on IRC channels to give a hand with Ubuntu at any time. It’s just that it’s really time consuming for us.

    What really works for us (for me at least) to follow news in Ubuntuland is the Planet. Perhaps the new LoCo Directory could have some sort of LoCo Planet to get LoCo stuff at a glance? Just an idea :)

    And a big thank you for your work with LoCos. As you may already know, «loco» in Spanish means «crazy»… ;)

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