Ubuntu women new channel

Ubuntu women new channel

Folks may have missed this or indeed just don’t know the new shape up for the Ubuntu Women Project.

Since UDS Lucid we’ve been working on some changes as a team, most know about the Ubuntu team leader, but also a big change was the decision to have a LOGGED CHANNEL. These came about from discussions and meetings discussing the IRC purpose, as again the team is more than IRC.

Many many conversations were happening on IRC and not on mailing list of indeed the forums.  If you weren’t on IRC you missed the information or indeed the lengthy and interesting discussions taking place.  The idea to create a logged channel means if you don’t IRC, not on IRC at the time, and perhaps you don’t run a screen session you don’t lose out on these conversations and discussions, you can catch up and read the logs like many other teams.

We now have two channels and I’d like to point out to folks to perhaps join and update their autojoin

#ubuntu-women-project is the new channel created, it is the logged channel for the Ubuntu Women Project This is the Ubuntu, technical, and project discussions take place, of course social chat is going to happen.

#ubuntu-women is the non logged channel should there be a need to discuss private issues that people may not want logged, it is also marked as the social channel.

If anyone has any questions pop onto IRC and chat to us there

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  2. Why is there now another #ubuntu-women channel ?

    There is no scope for the initial channel, so why have a second channel that is half new scope and half the original scope ?

    #ubuntu-women currently serves as a gathering place, why not start the project work in there rather than spread your light membership thin

  3. “of course social chat is going to happen.” erm…
    Laura, could you please stick to what has been agreed upon, namely:
    “Social chat is discouraged in this channel as it is intended to focus on the concrete work of the project.”

  4. Matt it was decided back a while ago to haev a 2nd channel so one of them could be a logged channel like many other projects for Ubuntu. People didn’t want everything they said googled so we created 1 loggged and 1 unlogged, majority ruled this to take place and a 2nd channel was created.

    Myriam…it’s discourged but does happen, whether you like it or not. Look at the logs for the last week.

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