Open Jam

Open Jam

Ireland is a small country full of amazing talented people will some pretty good coding skills under the belts.  Problem is and this is just my opinion, we all work separately  in our own communities even though we could be all within a 5 mile radius.

Global Jam coming up next month got me thinking. Ubuntu Ireland has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months.  We’ve regular IRC meetings, meet ups events and groups end up going to events together. This is all great! But we still need help, we still have questions, that probably we ourselves cannot answer, so why not ask the great community. The IRISH COMMUNITY.

With that I’ve created Open Jam, a event where everyone is welcome to come along and work on their own projects side by side.  I’ve come up with a way where EVERYONE from all areas,PHP, Ubuntu, Debian, KDE, GNOME, Python, Ruby, and anyone who wants to come along to do so.

You can work on your projects, help folks if they have some questions, hack, logs bugs, documentation, translations, whatever you like the big thing being we get to do it together in one place.

It’s not a conference, unconference, and very different from my ossbarcamp. But what I thought we could do throughout the day would be run a series of lightning talk, where folks could stand up and give a 3 min presentation on what they were working on.

Again, this was just an idea, and maybe folks won’t be interested in this kind of thing, but it would be beneficial to us all to work together. I’m still sorting the venue out, but hope to have details next week. It will be in Dublin as well, this is where I am.

If you’ve any thoughts pop onto #ubuntu-ie  spread the word.  I’ve create a sign up page also, if you’re interested jot your name down.

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