Freenode and Fossevents

Freenode and Fossevents

As folks are are aware Ubuntu channels are on Freenode as are many other organisations and groups. Last year I joined the freenode staff to help with community matters and how we can help people using their services to make them more visible.

One project that I’ve been working on is Fossevents. For people like me who like to go to events and more importantly organise them I need to know when others are on so I don’t organise one at a conflicting time or I can budget to attend.  I’m not the only one who needs to know this information.

It was launched last summer and has had a few tweaks made to it, we still need some help with the feature requests we get in. But one we did work on was making it easier to submit information to us.

We want Lugs, meet ups,Ubuntu hours, conferences, unconferences, LoCo meet ups, all things open source related so we can have them under one site.  We are going to subscribe to peoples mailing lists, if they have an ANNOUNCE List   (we will email and ask you if this is ok)  so when it’s announced it is picked up by Fossevents and it appears in the site as an draft item. For those who don’t announce via mailing lists, they can contact us and we can arrange for them to be given a BCC address so again the event is sent to us.

I am working on other ideas at present to make sure the word is spread on topics more, and people seem unaware of the freenode blog when there are issues, we do try and blog about them also. If anyone wants to help with fossevents join us on #fossevents on funnily enough freenode :)

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