Summary Ubuntu Women Meeting

Summary Ubuntu Women Meeting

With a large team spread over numerous time zones and commitments, it can be difficult to find a suitable time to meet.  I used doodle to find a time slot most suitable.  7 days and 15 time slots spread over a week should be enough.  We had 12/21 (though a lot more turned up ) people agree on Wednesday 9th December at 20:00 UTC.  Our meetings for future reference take place on #ubuntu-women on freenode.

With a large strong minded and vocal group such as this, it was interesting to chair.  So many opinions and comments flying about and trying to keep it in order, with moving the discussion along and due to time constraints get the big topic of Governance covered. We have outlined the path we’re hoping to taking, nominating or putting yourself up consideration to be the team lead on this project.

We have asked the CC to chose one of us, once we’ve given them the list of candidates.  The reason for this, as we need some guidance to help the team, this is the only time the CC will have input into the choosing of a leader.  As we feel for the Lucid cycle this is needed, after 6 months the role of the leader shall be evaluated.  The process has been laid out here

Moving onto the topic of a logged channel and a separate channel lead to a  heated discussion.  A lot but not all Ubuntu channels are logged.  For me, personally I think it’s good to see. It is useful for people who don’t, or cannot irc and as a lot of discussions takes place on IRC rather than IRC it’s nice to be able to go back in and read the logs.   For those who suggested asking them for their logs, I’m sorry but for a new person who don’t know you or know to even ask it’s not really an option. If you exclude members of your project just because they don’t use IRC I don’t think that’s fair or what we should be doing.

I also have no trouble in saying stuff in a logged channel, if I don’t want it to be logged I consider, do I need to say it, if so, possibly say it in pm  or rephrase what I’m going to say. The notion of not having it  logged and logs coming up when you’re googled was mentioned, again, if you feel what you’ve said is ok, then you should have no problem with this, if you feel it may come back and bite you in the ass, then don’t say it. Simple as to be honest.

This got so heated, I found people to be extremely rude and rather off putting to be honest, bar I was chairing I’d have left. If anyone took time to come to the meeting, I’d expect their thoughts, words, opinions to be listened to the same way I would yours, regardless if I agree or disagree with them.  Being rude is off putting to work with and doesn’t endear me at all.  The logs by the way for the meeting are here.  It came up in a previous IRC meeting, this channel needs to be more respectful of others opinions being expressed in here.

The idea of a second channel came up at UDS, the naming of this alone cause hair ruffling, from #ubuntu-women-safe to -asside or renaming #ubuntu-women to #ubuntu-women-offtopic. Both the topic of Logging and a second channel has been/will be taken to the mailing list for further discussion.  To be decided at the next meeting.

I’d also like to state I’ll not be nominating myself for the Ubuntu-women Leader, as I don’t feel I’d be suitable, I’d be more black and white when it comes to a lot of things and  while I feel it’s needed in some cases, I know this will also piss some people off and that’s not going to help matters. (Though sometimes, being nice and trying to please everyone doesn’t always work). I wish others the best of luck with this and will help where I can.   I feel I can better help the project by encouraging people to join and take part and help where I can.  I look forward to working with the Ubuntu women for the lucid cycle and really strengthening the project.

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  1. I missed the meeting. I’m relatively new to the project, but having read the logs it looks like the suggestion to have an additional room called #ubuntu-women-project is the most sensible one. Just adding my two cents :) I’d certianly join both rooms if that decision were taken.

    I can understand the aversion to logging if people are using the existing room to let off steam. If you don’t have a trusted friend that you can rant to over IM, having a ‘safe’ chat room could be handy, but as others said at the meeting, was that the original purpose of #ubuntu-women?

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