UDS Lucid – Day 2

UDS Lucid – Day 2

Sorry these are coming out slower than I had hoped but there is just so much going on and meeting new people and taking part in great discussions.

Community Round Table – We possibly should have had this on the Monday in hindsight. But this was where we outlined what we’d like to cover during the week and what could be addressed in a roundtable that didn’t need a full session. Great way to lay out some ideas for the week ahead and due to free slots available, address the issues in their own time slot.

IRC Council Plans - Totally new for me and I know diddly squat about IRC Council so this was interesting for me and a lot has been set down for goals for the way forward.

Ubuntu Women – The steps forward – This was the 1st of 3 sessions and suffice to say I was rather nervous going into this session.  Last May we had a round table. This time we had a plan, what we wanted to discuss and tackle the issues that have been highlighted.

I have to say for me, this was one of the highlights of UDS.  We had great input and it has been videotaped and should be available soon. Amber, Liz, and Maco were all here to help drive the team forward and with the help of participants both on IRC and in the room I hope we have made a good start.  The idea of a roadmap and setting down attainable goals we can achieve during this 6 month cycle really makes me happy! I’d like to thank Jono for helping us drive this session forward as he sat back and offered advice and comments on the thoughts that were being aired in the room, as did Mark  Shuttleworth offer good advice on how we can achieve our goals.

Community Input in board and council elections – I was curious about this, as I’ve just been elected onto the LoCo council and wanted to know more about what happens and how we can get more community involvement. Rather interesting. Didn’t realise we have that many councils! :)

Adopting an upstream – in short ” Upstream projects need “bridges” between their projects and Ubuntu. While large projects might have the resources to work with distributions, all projects need to be able to efficiently work with Ubuntu. Not all upstreams know how things work in Ubuntu and concentrate on developing their software.

It would be nice if upstream projects had “an Ubuntu person” who cared about that project and its standing in Ubuntu; this “Upstream Contact” would be responsible for facilitating workflow between that project and Ubuntu.”

I am a firm believer in laying down the tools at the end of the day and doing something different, tonight was going for a team dinner – Ubuntu Women team dinner, started off as a conversation in the channel and I said to amber it’d be nice to meet more people who may not attend community tracks during the day and have a bite to eat and chit chat! Maria was AWESOME ! and found us a lovely restaurant and we had a great turn out. So thanks to all those who came.

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