UDS Lucid – Day 1

UDS Lucid – Day 1

USDS Lucid kicked off yesterday in Dallas Fort Worth. This is my 2nd UDS to attend and I’ve been really lucky to be sponsored to attend, so thank you Canonical for this opportunity to take part.

Up bright and early raring to go after having my fill of crispy bacon, lacking syrup this time and a bucket of Barry’s tea ( brought the tea bags with me as I  like a good cuppa tea!). Kicking off the day was the happy go lucky Mr.Community, Jono and explaining why we’re here and the goals of the week, it’s great to have everyone in one place and timezone to work on the project and we need to make the most of being together during the sessions and throughout the day.

I mostly stick to the Community track though later on in the week I’ll be popping my head into Q&A and some desktop as I want to get more involved in these areas. First up was the LoCo directory and hearing an update on how it’s progressing and what else we need in it to make it more up to date for it to be used efficiently. I think to be able to see at a glance how many LoCos we have is great, encouraging and motivating to others who want to set one up.

I’ve said it before and anyone who knows me, knows I’m anal at lists and planning things out. I like to see a plan, things need to get done, and know where I’m going. So it’s great to see this coming in a friendly manner with roadmaps.  To be able to plan for your LoCo or team project what you want to want5 to achieve for the next six months is fantastic.

LoCo Council discussion was interesting as there are a lot of teams out there

The use or lack of use of the Fridge I for one don’t use this resource as often as I possibly should.  It tends to be an after thought and I need to not think of it that way and I think many others are in the same boat. We have the planet which is a personal slant to a post coming from users, but the fridge should be show casing upcoming events or highlighting a successful event that took place.  One issue that came up was it’s not easy to get content on there, a case of not knowing who to poke re getting stuff there.  An issue of WordPress V Drupal discussion came up, perhaps making the site use openid for the fridge team to use to log in making it easier adn for more people to have access to get content on there.

Ubuntu Marketing V Spread Ubuntu, I know this came up last May and the marketing issue came  up last May.  An idea of getting LoCos to submit their artwork, posters, what they use to market their events to spreadubuntu as a massive resource should be encouraged.

LoCo events directory I’m so happy about this project, as I organise a lot of events and to me  this kind of tool would make it a lot of sense to keep an eye on the events a LoCo runs.  A useful way to see what types are out there, all in one place under each LoCo.

UDS Target practice was a great success! Thanks to all who came and had a great night and nice to meet you all! I’ve added the photos to my album, help yourself to copies.

UDS Target Practice

UDS Target Practice

Well chuffed

Well chuffed

Always Happy Mat

Always Happy Mat

Vey serious daviey

Vey serious Daviey

Shotgun Action

Shotgun Action

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  1. Pingback: Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) 's status on Tuesday, 17-Nov-09 20:45:45 UTC - Identi.ca Canada

  2. What the… Americans, so proud of your weapons… Excellent image of the open source community you’re giving… really…

    Shame on you.

  3. Cypher, it is really sad that you can’t understand the value in making sure that good people are armed and competent. Such people may save your life one day (at least in the US where it is legal)…

  4. Joshua, LOL. That is why in the US the number of people killed with guns is so low compared to countries with strict gun laws.(For you: The number is much higher .. I am sarcastic.)

    All weapons design for killing people have to be banned PERIOD.

  5. It’s sad to see some well respected members of the ubuntu community having fun posing with weapons and shooting at symbolized human targets, well done!

  6. The majority of the people in these pictures are not American, but British. So Cypher is mistaken in refering to us as Americans.

    Secondly, as an ex-firearms holder that used to do various competition shooting at targets, it was a novelty to be able to use firearms that are now banned in our country.

    Firearms that are used by responsible people, in a safe enviroment should not be critisced. Everyone involved in those activities had remarkable respect and followed safety procedures to the letter. To the best of my knowledge, nobody was thinking about “killing” but a recreational activity of shooting at targets.

    Cheer up, and smile.

  7. Dave,

    You have to admit though… the choice of human shaped targets… does make for a bit of uncomfortable imagery….especially when aggregated on the Ubuntu planet. It’s an unexpected image… and for people who aren’t firearm owners or who haven’t themselves experienced a firearm safety class or seen a professional shooting range first hand.. that image of a human target can be a bit disconcerting.

    People smiling proudly at bullet holes they’ve placed in a human chest shaped silhouette really can invoke a different set of emotions than looks of pride in holes through simple ringed target. Its that dangerous line between creepy and funny.

    In hindsight It’s a really unfortunate choice that your group didn’t use simple bullseye targets when you expected to publish the pictures widely to a group of people who’s most positive experience with firearms are what they’ve seen in tv and movies. Not that this opportunity will come up again… but if it does… try to avoid the human silhouette targets in snapshots.Though I do wonder, if you used deer or moose shaped targets would people have reacted as strongly?


  8. It’s such a shame that nobody seems to have noticed the lengthy chunk of text Laura typed up immediately preceding the photos.

    The text explains what happened at UDS, the developer summit Laura was sponsored by Canonical to attend. She helped organise a social event in the evening after a very busy day at the summit, and for this she should be thanked. She helped coalesce community members and Canonical staffers into a fun activity to help people switch off from their busy day.

    Well done Laura. Keep up the great work, and don’t let the nay-sayers get you down.

  9. Just to offer another viewpoint (that I never thought I’d be on the side of!):

    The problem is that, disarmament only works when it’s across the board. Personally I loathe weapons, but I’d hesitate to ever disarm citizens before the various governments. The reason the US constitution protects owning firearms is to try and prevent any future government from becoming a military dictatorship over their own citizens (as has happened elsewhere in history). Unfortunately it may also give extra latitude to the odd gun nut who would love to become a dictator of their own, but quite frankly they’re still less dangerous to society than a well funded, military backed runaway government.

    In summary: Guns suck, but if an increasingly military, human rights abusing government is going to have them, I’d hope that the citizens they lord over would have the right to protect themselves, too. Of course I agree that if we could make sure *no-one* had any serious weapons, that we’d have the best situation of all!

  10. Thanks ! “Vey serious Daviey” is so cute ! Also, it’s nice to know that official Ubuntu summits include shooting cardboard people. Ubuntu seems such a welcoming community :).

  11. The text really doesn’t matter. I didn’t read it, and the majority of people looking at planet.ubuntu and other agregators won’t read it too. Yeah, people are lazy, but you should know it when dealing with people.

    This is not an official ubuntu crew statement, of course, but it’s still sad to see such pictures.

    As for the “good and competent people have the right to have firearms”, a friend found and loaded the hidden shotgun of his uncle and almost shot his brother. The uncle is indeed “good and competent” and the wasn’t in the kitchen shelf, but accidents happens, especially with children.

  12. Laura, thanks for organising the shooting evening, it was a lot of fun.

    To the other “offended” people, remember it’s not the weapon that kills someone, it’s the person using it.

    More people die in cars every year, should be ban those? Of course not.

  13. Will the LoCo events directory be translated? Otherwise I’m afraid it won’t be very popular outside English speaking countries.

    I really like the idea of a LoCo directory, but it should be properly localised in order to succeed.

  14. Tom,

    How many people are killed in the US with legal weapons? Not many. Here is an interesting chart:

    Too bad it doesn’t break down legal and illegal guns. Look at countries like Mexico that has VERY strict gun laws, yet its murder rate is higher than the US.

    Then look at Switzerland which has one of the highest rates of gun ownership and see how low on the list it is.

    Banning weapons does not make them cease to exist. It only prevents people from owning them legally, preventing law abiding citizens from any means of defense and giving criminals an area where they know they will not have any resistance.

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