Global Jam time again

Global Jam time again

The Ubuntu Global jam is nearly here and hopefully will be even better than last year as we’ve a few new editions.  Global Jam takes place from Friday 2nd October to Sunday 4th October, instead of just focusing on bugs this year it’s going to encompas more. From Translations, to documentaion, to packaging for those who are up for it. I’ve even heard of some teams sping cleaning their wiki’s and getting rid of obsolete pages or typod pages.

So what is a bug jam and why should you do it?

A world-wide online and face-to-face event to get people together to fix Ubuntu bugs – we want to get as many people online fixing bugs, having a great time doing so, and putting their brick in the wall for free software. This is not only a great opportunity to really help Ubuntu, but to also get together with other Ubuntu fans to make a difference together, either via your LoCo team, your LUG, other free software group, or just getting people together in your house/apartment to fix bugs and have a great time

How do you do it, how do you take part ?

You need a place to meet, with a decent internet connection, as you’re going to be online most of the day! Either bring your laptops, or some live CD’s so you can work on Ubuntu, and great people to share the work.  I find the best place not only for net connection and also to get people involved is a University/College. It’s also helpful as many of them have language departments if you are looking to work on translations.

So when you have the venue sorted, what next?

Well this is where you need to sit down a couple of weeks before hand and work out the areas you and your team would like to work on.  You do not have to work on all of the areas! Work on the ones you can.  If it’s your first jam session, perhaps working on bugs and bug triaging would be a good start, next up some translations and take it from there. Another suggestion would be to have some talks that day, we did that last year by having someone explain how to log into Launchpad, how to find bugs, triage them and work on them. Try and cater for everyone, encourage people to get involved. Remember people may never have done this before and may be nervous doing it.

So a simple start may be some bugs – there are a lot there just sitting, not assigned to any package, have a look and see what you can do, maybe add a comment asking for further information.  Also try and reproduce the error, always a helpful one comment what you did to also get the same issue.

Translations work on areas as a team, I find working on one package at a time works so you can see you are making a difference and help one another when stuck

Documentation you don’t need to get too technical if you don’t feel you are able for this, however one nice way to help is clear up wikis that may have typos in them, or are duplicates due to misspellings.

Remember its a face to face meet up, you are working on the internet but do try and spend some time getting to mix with your fellow members, after it’s all done, maybe go for something to eat,  or take a break during the day and mingle and get to know one another, you are all working on the same project and it should be a fun day! The Ubuntu-ie LoCo took part last year and we’re doing so again!

Ubuntu-ie Global Bug jam

Ubuntu-ie Global Bug jam

I'm going to Ubuntu Global Jam

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