Freenode Event – Promotion

Freenode Event – Promotion

Like many people I use IRC, and with that I use the freenode network. I’m in a few channels and a lot of them are Ubuntu related, I also have my own channel for Ossbarcamp. But Ubuntu isn’t the only group on there, there are many other organisations and groups of people who use their services.

With that in mind, Christel, the charmer that she is asked me this week would I be interested in coming on board and helping to promote the freenode community.  The events that take place, when, where and most importantly who to contact to get more information, as I know I find that annoying when trying to get information and I want more. I also believe the more people that know about your event the better it can be also inform more people gaining interest in your area.

Firstly, I’m going to start with getting as many groups to tell me about their events and where they are on, so I can add them to a calender which will be on the freenode site and everyone can see it, this will help get the word out about your event to let others who may be near by know about it and gain exposure for your event.  Secondly if folks have calender feeds set up I’d like to import them also.  This is for face to face meetings, conferences, Demos, meetings, talks etc, not really for IRC Meetings. Just let us know the date of the event, where it’s taking place, time of the event, if there is a link to it and who to contact.

If you want to let me know about your events please do, you can nab me on the freenode network as czajkowski, or leave a comment on here.

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