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Catch up

Catch up

I’ve neglected here some what over the last while, what with the run up to Ossbarcamp and then post Barcamp with a trip to London, my back giving up on me and in general just craziness and mayhem.

OssBarcamp was great fun, entertaining, and very enjoyable. It was great to catch up with some folks I’d not seen in ages and on top of that meet people who I’d been talking to over twitter/email/irc and put the faces to the names, though knowing me I won’t remember the name again. I’m definitely one of those people who remembers the face and draws a blank at the name (can’t be good at everything now can I ).

So post any event I run I like to go off on a mini break and mull back on the event and also relax. This time I went to London and it was great as I’d not been there in years and it was I was really lucky that I had really good weather and was able to enjoy some lovely walks around London. Walking around China town and  relaxing is a great way to spend a few days just doing nothing and I needed it.

Back to Dublin, and we had another Girl Geek meet up at herbstreet again with a great turn out. New folks turned up this time and it’s always great to meet new people who share a similar interest and have new ideas.  I even brought a +1 with who had asked to come and I think he enjoyed the evening, so thanks to Luis, for coming along and taking part in the evening discussions.

Coming up soon is the Geeknic, the freenode staffers want us to leave our pc’s behind and venture out into the open… ok not that scarey, but head to St.Stephens green park and meet other folks and bring along some nibbles and meet other folks. I’ll be there as will some other folks. You can seen here and here for more information on the event.

Finally I’m going to run another Ossbarcamp, on September 19th, new site to be launched late May, but you’ve been given loads of notice now! Put the date in your calander.

Oh and I’m also going for my ubuntu membership soon.