Free as in node

Free as in node

Yup, Free as in node, also better known as  Freenode have been very busy recently. In the past few weeks they have been campaigning for fundraising to reach the threshold to gain charity status so the kind people who donate servers and bandwidth can get some benefit for it. Christel,(you know, the one that sends out the funky messages about why freenode has had a  mini freak attack) explains more about it here, and it’s well worth the read. There are about 56,000 users on freenode, if they all put in .50 cent they’d be well on their way t sorting that status out, so why not contribute. We all use the servers and many of us have channels on there for our projects so would be nice to help them out if we can.

Now, the big news! Free as in Node – a podcast! Yes finally one that has me bending over in two laughing like I did about lugradio. It’s from the staff at freenode, who have decided they wanted to share with users what they are up to, new things going on, events, technology new projects, in a candied and friendly joke telling way that has you in knots at times. They also seemingly have other events planned in the near future, so you have to listen to know what they are up to :)

So Xalior (d/Darran Rimron), Christel (Christel Dahlskjaer) , Bryn_S (Bryn Salisbury)and w00t (Robin Burchill) are the people behind free as in node. They do want interaction, they do want you to take part, you can join them on irc #free-as-in-node or drop them an email.

Finally you can get the podcast HERE!

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